Diploma in Paralegal


The diploma in Paralegal Training is specially designed to prepare participants to function as qualified Paralegals and for those who wish to further their careers in a legal or legal related environment. Guided by experienced practising lawyers, this course equips participants with the knowledge of law and critical skills to negotiate and advocate in specialised fields. Participants will be trained to be problem-solvers and innovative thinkers to embark on an intellectually challenging career as an allied legal professional.

Modules & Content

This is an essential core module which introduces students to the concept of law and the legal system in Singapore. The module also includes an overview of legal contracts that will help students learn drafting approaches to ensure contract utility and enforceability. Students will also learn the fundamentals relating to the Law of Tort, and to have the ability to identify and solve legal problems arising from a civil context.

This module aims to educate students about the entire litigation process, from commencing a suit through Writ of Summons or Originating Summons to the Post-Judgment stage of enforcing the Judgment. The module will focus mainly on the Rules of Court and Supreme Court Practice Directions where it set out the rules governing any civil proceedings going through the Court system.

In this module, students will learn about the different aspects of criminal litigation, from arrest to appeal. Students will be exposed to the Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act and relevant cases which encapsulate the essential rules parties need to know to conduct a criminal litigation .

Educating students about Women’s Charter and relevant case law governing marriages and divorces-related matters such as maintenance of wife and children, and division of matrimonial assets. Through this module, students will be taught on the procedure of commencing matrimonial proceedings and the necessary documents to be filed to obtain the decree nisi.

The basic law and legal concepts governing real property in Singapore will be covered in this module. Through this module, students will be taught on the entire conveyancing transaction, from option to purchase to completion. Procedures for the purchase of Strata Land Title property as well as Land Title property will be covered. Students will then be able to understand the importance of following the strict timelines and adhere to the same in practice.

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