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Ranking at the top globally for business productivity and business environment, Singapore is undoubtedly a choice location for the setting up of and operation of businesses. Some key industries which contribute to Singapore’s strong and vibrant economy include Finance, Private Wealth, Technology, Media & Communications, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education, Consumer Brands, Commodities & Renewables, as well as the Construction sector. Having an understanding of the essential legal and operational considerations in these industries will undeniably be an advantage for business owners and investors, as well as organisational leaders and business executives involved in the aforementioned sectors.

RHT Training Institute Business Law Course aims to provide not only a sound understanding of the general laws and regulations of Singapore’s corporate environment, but legal experts in each of the aforementioned industries will also share their knowledge and insights on their respective industries of expertise.

Split into two modules, RHT Training Institute Business Law Course will cover:

  • the general laws and regulations of Singapore pertaining to the conduct of business in the first module; and
  • industry-specific regulatory framework and key operational considerations in the second module.

You’ll work through the following modules for this intensive course:

Modules & Content

Participants will be taught the fundamentals of business law in Singapore including:

  • Company Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Contract and Agency Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Dispute Resolution

Will cover key legislations of specific industries including

  • Financial Institutions
  • Consumer Brands
  • Commodities and Renewables
  • Construction
  • Private Wealth
  • Education
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Tech, Media, Communications

In this Criminal Law module, participants would first explore the history and nature of Singapore’s criminal justice system, the purpose of crime control and punishment, and the various challenges to the justice system. Participants would also gain a better understanding of the various ingredients of a crime as set out in the Penal Code.

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